Aero-Link UV Air Sterilizer  





Our company provide custom made UV air sterilization device for different industries such as food processing, pharmaceutical, hospitals and hotels. 

Hand Held Sterilization Unit  with UV / OZONE

Excellent for destroy harmful bacteria, mold and viruses in the air.   Removal of unpleasant smell.  Suitable for small room and storage room






Direct Exposure Type

Direct exposure of room and objects to maximize germicidal efficiency. Mirror polished stainless steel  reflection surface is designed for focused irradiation. It can be either ceiling or wall mount.

It should be used in absence of human being





Wall Mount Fan Ventilated

It suitable for indoor air sterilization with presence of people. It utilizes ventilation fans to draw air into one end of  the sterilization chamber and discharge at the other end. It has lower germicidal efficiency but has highest safety for human being.  LED signal light and LCD hour meter.






Air Duct Sterilization Unit

This unit is for sterilization of centralized air handling units. The can be inserted into air ducts with simple installation. Number of UV lamps required depends on the size of duct, temperature and air flow rate.





UV Sterilization Trolley

Disinfects air and surfaces in unoccupied areas. It is light weight and easily move around from one location to another. 


High UV dosage with multiple lamps and optional high output or OZONE lamp.


Delay timer and 0-10 hours operation timer.


     Special purpose UV Sterilizer


  Conveyor Belt Sterilization Chamber


  Different applications