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The Aqua-Link UV sterilizer series is especially designed for sterilization of water and transparent liquids. They utilize ultraviolet lamps with high-energy irradiation (Wavelength=253.7nm) and long service life (>9000 hours) which can effectively (>99%) destroy different bacteria and viruses.

 The units made of stainless steel are available with filter, flow control, alarm and solenoid shut-off valves as well as a safety sensing relay device. The installation is simple and they are designed to run continuously at a very low electrical and maintenance cost.

 Aqua-Link UV sterilizers are ideal choice for various industrial, commercial and domestic applications with wide range of capacities.

We specialized in tailor-made units to suit customers different requirements. Customer can choose Standard output

UV lamp, High Output UV lamp or Amalgam UV lamp.  Absolute or relative UV intensity meter is also available on request.



Appearance of Common Models

Small Flow Series




UV Kit / Capacity: 100LPH

c/w: lamp out alarm

M200 / Capacity: 200LPH

c/w: Solenoid shut-off valve and running hour meter

300 / Capacity: 300LPH

c/w: Solenoid shut-off valve and running hour meter


High Output UV Lamp Series





HQ Series

SF Series

Capacity: 4500 - 9000LPH

Capacity:10,000 - 40,000LPH


Sterilizer with higher capacity is available on request       


Quick Install Assembly




Please contact us for detail specifications.



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