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The Aqua-Link water dispensers are all imported from Taiwan and Korea.  Direct connection of the unit to a water source, with Aqua-Link UV water sterilizers and filtering systems, provides a continuous flow of sterilized pure water for drinking and other purposes. Both hot and cold water is available with adjustable temperature.  Wastewater is automatically drained and little maintenance is required.


Tri-temperature Digital Water Dispenser      
冷熱交換式3溫出水 (冷水及溫水經高溫煮沸處理﹞    


AL-535 AL-3311   AL-3019 AL-2035


WHP-1800S / Korea                      WHP-1800  / Korea     Hot & Cold Instant Boiler
Stainless Steel Water Dispenser & Fountain    


AL-295 / AL-297 AL-291 / AL-293 AL-311 Barrier Free AL-312 Hot & Cold Barrier Free
   Wall mount Floor Stand 2 Level Stand Type          2 Level Stand Type      
AL-620 AL-620DB
Disable Use
Front Push Type
AL-317 Twin Fountain
Two Level Type with End Plate


Other Dispenser Equipment



Hot & Cold Under Sink Water Dispenser

AL-318 Water Chiller for Drinking Fountains




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